Your Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day; Curated Gifts for Him

Still not sure what to get him?

Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a daunting process, but once you’ve found it, you know his smile is guaranteed!
Considering the hardships on humanity the past year, we all have certainly learned to value our loved ones with greater respect and adulation. All this makes this year’s gift even more so significant.
So, let’s define special; Store-bought? Mass-produced? Factory-made? The same exact thing that every 1 in 5 men have? Don’t think so. Now, think about a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, artisan-made gift; certainly, a notch above the rest! A perfect way to make this day a memorable one!

With love, from Venice, Italy

Italian design, fashion, and craftsmanship is world-renowned. Our Artisans are experts in their respective fields and have been so for many years. Them, being around and having made it through generations of new fashions to meet the dynamic needs of their customers is a testimony of their expertise.

Handcrafted Backpacks

Each backpack has been hand-crafted from fine Italian Sauvage Leather, naturally dyed and coating-free. Leather, in its most natural form, ensures increased durability and minimizes the wear and tear of each article. With a robust design, additional pockets to fit your go-to add-ons, and extra-padding to keep your laptop safe, these backpacks are a perfect companion while you explore your "new" workspace.

Pragmatic, Versatile, and a Game changer!

Work from anywhere with these backpacks by your side.

With love, from Florence, Italy

Handcrafted Wallets and Cardholders

Placed in a beautiful palace of the 16th century, in the heart of Florence, Italy, our artisans have been hand-crafting leather since 1960. Every article has been intricately handwoven by these Florentine craftsmen and guaranteed in quality by the Lucci family. They have been distinguished for their excellence in craftsmanship, be it in shaping, cutting, detailing, weaving, and sewing of each accessory.
Each article has been well defined to ensure timeless elegance and practicality. Working with materials entirely produced in Italy, these wallets truly symbolize “Made in Italy”.
Each accessory has been handwoven from Lamb-skin leather; easily-identifiable, due to its buttery-soft texture and light-weight. It is, without a doubt, a highly coveted leather when it comes to quality and luxury.

Just imagine the smile on his face with one of these! handmade leather wallets usa

With love, from Spain

Seville, Spain is home to some of the world’s best-kept Art secrets! One of them is our Super-talented and inimitable Artisans, who create magnificent leather accessories inspired by Nature and different Art forms. The way in which their inspiration is translated into a gorgeous accessory is extraordinary!
One of the unique characteristics of this artisan’s crafting techniques is the use of vegetable-tanned leather. The process of vegetable tanning is one that is carried out in the most natural and respectful way, as has been done for generations. This technique allows for the leather to produce a beautiful personal patina (or shine), which remains for the life of the accessory. Avoiding the use of heavy minerals, and letting nature take its course, proves to be a much more environment-friendly method.

Handcrafted Wallets

Sometimes just letting things be; naturally, has an unmatched beauty like no other. Hence, the Natural Collection.

bubble artisan pic

This artisan’s Bubbles Collection certainly puts a twist on an otherwise ordinary accessory!

It’s fun and unconventional; definitely flaunt-worthy.

Handcrafted Laptop Bags

Part of their Natural Collection, these briefcases have been crafted with Genuine Calf leather inside and out. Spacious and roomy for his laptop and documents; a well-built handle and detachable strap for double accessibility, gift him Spanish craftsmanship at its best!

With a stylish diagonal flap and dapper design, these bags are definitely for your Cosmopolitan Man!

If you’re still not sure, look around for more collections and colors on our website:

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