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Good craftsmanship is not just about making unique products to fulfill customers needs, it's the art of creating a unique demand for those products by inspiring that need.....

Our Artisans are a true inspiration in their respective fields and have been so for many years. Them, being around and having made it through generations of new fashions to meet the dynamic needs of their customers is a testimony of their expertise.

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Cereria Subirà

Jacint Galí inherited the import and trade business of colonial products from his father, who taught him the craft of candle-making, and turned it into a candle shop. After his death, his instructed worker Martí Prat bought the candle business and ran it with his sons.

The Prat family ran the business until 1936, when the Spanish Civil War stopped the economic activity in the city. The Prat brothers died during the war, so the sisters had to look for a new candle maker to continue the business. Paulí Subirà, a candlemaker from Vic -a city on the interior of Catalonia-, took the business until his death in 1964, when his son Jordi Subirà, whom he had instructed, succeeded him.

Since 2014, Cereria Subirà has been run by the first woman in more than two centuries; Jordi’s first daughter, Pilar Subirà. Pilar’s cousin helps her as the manager of the shop, and her four nieces sometimes help as co-workers.

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ESSE2 Murano

From the great commitment of a family with a long tradition of glass masters behind it, the company ESSE2, manufacturer of Venetian pearls, was born in the 90s, which exploits its artistic sense and ability in glass processing. The technique used is the traditional one of "lume pearls", that is, wrapping the heated glass on copper rods and then enriched with 18K gold and silver leaves.

The ESSE2 company is always looking for innovative materials and original designs, taking care of its collections down to the smallest detail, without ever forgetting the purity of the glass and the precision of the details. From the commitment and creativity of every single component of ESSE2, products are born that find the consent of both traditional and more modern tastes. The union of a family as a guarantee of quality and professionalism, present for years on the national and international market.

Their team is made up of a large family: the master glassmaker Serena Francesco and the glassmaker Don Stefano along with Serena Carlotta and Piazzetta Serena.

In their words;

“I know that Chinese glass is in all the world, but for us is a cancer and a daily battle. All beads are handmade from me and my family likewise, bijoux (jewelry) assembly. For this reason, we are a part of the “Vetro Artistico® di Murano” brand n.065, that guarantees original products.” 

The “Vetro Artistico® Murano” trademark is a trademark of origin that certifies glass products made on the island of Murano, created to protect one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy and guarantee the fruit of a millenary tradition.


Bottega Fiorentina

Placed in a beautiful palace of the 16th century, in the heart of Florence, Italy, Bottega Fiorentina artisans have been hand-crafting leather since 1960. Every article has been intricately handwoven by these Florentine craftsmen and guaranteed in quality by the Lucci family. They have been distinguished for their excellence in craftsmanship, be it in shaping, cutting, detailing, weaving and sewing of each wallet, handbag and clutch.  

Each article has been well defined by our artisans to ensure timeless elegance and practicality. Working with materials entirely produced in Italy, Bottega Fiorentina truly symbolizes “Made in Italy”. 

Lamb-skin leather:  Easily-identifiable, due to its buttery-soft texture and light-weight, lamb-skin leather is, without a doubt, highly coveted when it comes to quality and luxury.   


Himalayan Weavers

Our Artisans are placed in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain Range. They live and work in a small village called Masrana which is outside Mussoorie town. Spinning and Weaving of Wool is a traditional skill in this region and has been for many generations. This art is known and taught and passed on in order to retain the essence of this craftsmanship. Due to their location, our artisans are able to obtain completely natural resources for the coloring and dyeing process of wool. Unlike mass produced goods, each product has an immense amount of nature, culture and heritage attached to it. The concept of creating something so gentle and loving, like a baby blanket using this skill was particularly nurtured due to the attributes of the amount of love and care required in this form of artistry. 

These beautifully hand-woven wool blankets have been crafted using a blend of natural Himalayan wool and fine Merino wool. Hand-woven with both; hand-spun and mill-spun wool for extra softness and light-weightiness, these blankets are perfect to keep your little one cozy and warm. 

Mulberry silk hemming has been used as a border addition, in order to ensure no loose ends and to add to the aesthetic beauty and softness of each blanket. 

Dyed using natural resources, your baby’s blanket is completely chemical-free.

Seville, Spain is home to some of the world’s best kept Art secrets!

One of them, is our Super-talented and inimitable Artisans, who create magnificent leather accessories inspired by Nature and different Art forms. The way in which their inspiration is translated into a gorgeous accessory is extraordinary!

Using only Vegetable-tanned leather, a coloring technique which is able to retain the shine and patina of leather in the most natural way, their creations are environmentally safe and sustainable. The quality of leather continues to enhance with time and usage. An investment definitely worth-while!

From our artisans;

"We do not feel the need to use chemical products to reduce costs. One of the main characteristics of the skin of vegetable tanning, is that its pores are left open, making the passage of time, create a beautiful personal patina on it. Thanks to this respectful process, the skin achieves extraordinary qualities unthinkable in chrome tanning. The process of our vegetable tanning leather is done in a traditional and purely artisanal way. Avoiding the use of heavy minerals for the tanning process is a much more environment- friendly method." 


Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton blankets and swaddles have been crafted out of pesticide-free and chemical-free organic cotton, which has been proudly sourced from our GOTS certified artisanal company. This artisanal company is Fair Trade certified, ensuring a safe, clean and fair working environment for our skilled makers. Their Social Accountability Standard being (SA8000-2014). 

Carefully crafted and dyed by our artisans using chemical-free dyes allows our blankets and swaddles to be perfectly safe to use for newborn skin.  


Pelletteria Veneta

With the creation of a prestigious brand in itself, our Italian Artisans are a consolidated reality in the production of handmade leather bags in Italy. In their ten years of activity they have continued to improve their offering through stylistically and technically sound advancements that have led their designs to achieve an increasing success.

From minimalistic and Classic lines in the Classic and Booklet Collections to the alluring Contemporary and Versatile Chic and Flap Collections; our accomplished Italian Artisans have got you covered!

Each bag has been hand-crafted from genuine Italian Leather, naturally dyed and coating-free. Leather, in its most natural form to increase durability and minimize wear and tear. 

Supporting Communities, Craftspeople, & Empowerment

Our team is driven by an unrelenting passion to promote the bigger cause of community development, women empowerment, and environmental sustainability. Take part in our journey. 

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