Artisanal process is being show by artisans in Spain, Italy, and India.

Born from Passion, Tradition & Love

Work of Artisans (WoA) was born out of love and appreciation for the skill, tradition, design, and artwork, of the finest artisans from around the world. Started as a mere visit to a local handicrafts’ village in one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, WoA endeavors to continuously add to its collection of exceptional artisanal products.

In this day and age of industrialization and mass-production of goods, we strive to bring back the character and charm of owning something which has been meticulously made by keeping in mind heritage and style, simultaneously.

We are an exclusive marketplace and retail store, featuring handcrafted, handwoven and organic products, with the sole business objective of providing a global platform for local artisans and artisan companies.

shaping and cutting leather with fustella (1)

Every Product Certified Authentic

Something unique about our work is that each of our products come with a Certificate of Authenticity, so you know you are getting a truly artisanal craft.

Supporting Communities, Craftspeople, & Empowerment

Our team is driven by an unrelenting passion to promote the bigger cause of community development, women empowerment, and environmental sustainability. Take part in our journey. 

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