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Surprise her this Mother’s Day!!

M ost Loving Person You will ever know!

O utstanding at solving your problems!

T eacher for Life

H elping hand when life happens

E xtraordinarily Strong and Calm

R epeat!

When the bond between you and your Mom is so precious, her Mother’s Day gift has got to be Extra special!
That’s where we’ve got some Amazing, well-thought-out, and handmade Gift Ideas for every Mom out there!

Murano Glass Jewelry-

Nothing says SPECIAL like handmade and when you add Jewelry to it, you know you’ve got the perfect gift for her this year!
Made in Murano, Italy by our exceptional Artisans sitting in the heart of the City; their designs are completely original taking care of their collections down to the smallest details, without ever forgetting the purity of the glass and the precision of the details.
Our Customers’ favorites include the Moonlight Collection, which is sure to bring out your already beautiful Mom’s radiance!! She’s going to love this one!
Work of Artisans has a beautiful range of exquisite pieces of handmade artisan jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets; find the perfect piece for her here.
If you are still in thinking mode, let us help you explore some more extraordinary gift ideas;

Luxurious Leather Wallets-

handmade leather wallets usa, wallet made in italy
Being a Mom, we learn organization the hard way. It’s when we have a screaming child who really wants ice cream NOW, that we learn, it would have been a lot easier to keep an easy access wallet to get to our cards/money fast!
With Work of Artisans, we are not talking about just any wallet. Our Handmade Spanish Leather Wallets are true “works-of-art”. They are hand-embossed and hand-painted; inspired by Nature and Spanish Architecture. Depicting Spanish Legacy, these wallets have been crafted from Genuine Calf-leather; vegetable-tanned in a traditional and purely artisanal way which ensures a more environment-friendly method.
Find a variety of designs here to suit your Mom’s style!

Italian Designer Backpacks-

When going on a day-trip, traveling, shopping, or a not-so-quick stop at a grocery store, you need to make sure you are carrying all your go-to items.
Italian leather backpacks are a great way to carry your essentials in vogue and nonetheless avoid being lop-sided with a heavy bag on one shoulder.
When it comes to design and functionality, the Italians have been world-renowned. Our Italian Artisans, situated in Venice, are a consolidated reality in the production of handmade leather bags in Italy. In their ten years of activity, they have continued to improve their offering through stylistically and technically sound advancements that have led their designs to achieve increasing success.
From minimalistic and Classic lines in the Classic and Booklet Collections to the alluring Contemporary and Versatile Chic and Flap Collections; our accomplished Italian Artisans have got you covered!

All in one Crossbody Bags-

  • All Mom’s know how important it is to be Hands-free especially when you have a little one to carry or chase after or even when you’re busy holding shopping bags of your own!
  • For the Multi-tasker mom, a well-fabricated spacious and of course chic crossbody is the need of the hour.
Work of Artisans has a great collection of women's crossbody backpacks/bags exquisitely made from Nappa lambskin leather - the kind that lasts a lifetime! The glow of these bags will only grow more luminous with each year of usage, making it the perfect addition for all occasions and seasons- the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.
For the fun-loving and exuberant mom, check out our Hand-painted and embossed Collection of Crossbody bags made by our expert artisans of Spain. We offer you a colorful selection of women's handbags made from luxurious leather and high-quality hardware.
Whichever one you pick for your Mom; be it the Black Leather Cubist Collection Crossbody or the Roses and Birds Collection Crossbody or even the Quilted Collection Crossbody bag, know you are getting her something our Artisans have so dedicatedly handcrafted in a way which is no less than a ‘masterpiece’.

One-of-a-kind Handbags-

italian leather handbags designers, designer handbags made in italy

The perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day - why not

show her that you care with a handbag? This intricately hand-

woven collection is proof that no effort goes unnoticed, a

must-have for anyone who appreciates the finest in artistry.

Handcrafted from Italian Nappa Leather, a piece you'll want to

hold on to for years.

Great things come in small packages,but when you check out these handbags,you’ll be sure- Great things come inbig packages as well!

The well-built resolute Carnation Collection Square Handbag is just this.

It stands tall and is great to fit absolutely everything! Perfect for the got-it-all-together Mom who loves nature and appreciates its true inspiration.

It’s also got a detachable strap to hang it over the shoulder as a hands-free crossbody!

Carnation GIF

Add a personalized Mother’s Day note enclosed within a handmade Aster-petal paper envelope to your purchase. It’s as good as sending flowers!

Get a free Eco-friendly Jute Bag with every purchase and enjoy free shipping for orders $175+ and you got yourself an awesome deal!

If it’s still too hard to decide, come on over to our website and find something absolutely incredible for her this year! She will definitely Thank You!!

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