Valentine Gift for HER

Gift her Exquisiteness! Our List of Exceptional Valentine’s Day gifts for Her

"Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever "

- Unknown

With all that we’ve been through in the past year, it is definitely safe to say, we will come out of this with more understanding, love and appreciation for our loved ones. With the Day of Love approaching, it is imperative now more than ever to let her know how truly special she is. Flowers and chocolates are your go-to gifts, but are they genuinely able to express what you honestly feel about her?
What really says “I love you”?
A well thought-out unique and beautiful gift like no other. None of the mass-produced items in the market fit the bill on this one! That’s when it is time to look further and “handmade” comes to mind. Nothing says “you mean the world to me” more than a handcrafted gift curated just for Her.
That is exactly where our luxurious Artisan-made goods seal the deal. Our Artisans are experts in their respective fields and have been so for many years. Them, being around and having made it through generations of new fashions to meet the dynamic needs of their customers is a testimony of their expertise.

With their help, we’ve prepared a list of perfect Valentine's Day gifts for the love of your life!

With love, From Murano, Italy:

When it comes to Elegance and Exquisiteness; it’s got to be Jewelry!

Not just any jewelry; but Authentic Murano Glass Jewelry. Our Murano Artisans have perfected their masterpieces with intricate designs and well-crafted “works of art”.
Murano glass is aesthetically melted and molded using age-old skills distinct to this glass-making tradition and art. Every bead is meticulously designed with a variety of radiant colors, 24kt Gold and pure Silver foils placed in individual beads to create gorgeous pieces of jewelry; a fine example of absolute brilliance.
Every collection of theirs is unconditionally perfect, but one of our customers' favorites is:
Avventurine Collection: One of the most exquisite and unique collections, due to the use of the “aventurine” technique of artistry. This technique allows crystals and metals to be melted within the glass, which magnificently add shimmer and sparkle to every bead, creating notable pieces of jewelry.

All jewelry is gift-packed, so ALL you have to do is choose your design!


With love, from Spain


Seville, Spain is home to some of the world’s best kept Art secrets!
One of them, is our Super-talented and inimitable Artisans, who create magnificent leather accessories inspired by Nature and different Art forms. The way in which their inspiration is translated into a gorgeous accessory is extraordinary!
Using only Vegetable-tanned leather, a coloring technique which is able to retain the shine and patina of leather in the most natural way, their creations are environmentally safe and sustainable. The quality of leather continues to enhance with time and usage. An investment definitely worth-while!

Handmade Wallets, Crossbody Bags & Handbags

Ideal to measure up to a regular accessory and at the same time, add an extra oomph factor to one-up one's Fashion needs; A women's choice of accessory speaks accolades about their fashion taste, and believe us, these accessories say “Vogue” all over them!
Our Artisan's distinctiveness is in the fact that all their designed pieces are hand-embossed and hand-painted, making them one-of-a-kind. The Roses and Birds Collection has been perfected over a span of 40 years; when it was first introduced!

Out-of-the-box gifts which will truly make it into-HER-heart!


With love, from Florence, Italy

Botegga Veneta

Placed in a beautiful palace of the 16th century, in the heart of Florence, Italy, our artisans have been hand-crafting leather since 1960.
Every article has been intricately handwoven by these Florentine craftsmen and guaranteed in quality by the Lucci family. They have been distinguished for their excellence in craftsmanship, be it in shaping, cutting, detailing, weaving and sewing of each wallet, handbag and clutch.
Each article has been well defined to ensure timeless elegance and practicality. Working with materials entirely produced in Italy, this collection truly symbolizes “Made in Italy”.
Their Treccio Collection uses clear and distinguished lines of genuine Nappa Leather, cut and woven to create a simple yet enduring accessory.
Their detailing is extraordinary, which translates each piece into an iconic accessory; suitable for the Absolute woman!

Handcrafted Crossbody BagsClutches

Made from highly coveted Italian Nappa Leather, it’ll be a gift unmatched for many years to come!

With love, from Venice, Italy

With the creation of a prestigious brand in itself, our Italian Artisans is a consolidated reality in the production of handmade leather bags in Italy. In their ten years of activity they have continued to improve their offering through stylistically and technically sound advancements that have led their designs to achieve an increasing success.
From Minimalistic and Classic lines in the Classic and Booklet Collections to the Alluring Contemporary and Versatile Chic and Flap Collections; our Accomplished Italian Artisans have got you Covered!

Handcrafted Backpacks

When buying her this gift, you are backed by the best Italian designs and well-thought out functionalities there are to offer in backpacks!

If you’re still not sure, look around for more collections and colors on our website:

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