Organic Cotton- The safer option for your Little One

The concept of Organic Cotton has not been able to attain its full potential due to consumers' lack of awareness. “Organic” is used quite ubiquitously without actually knowing what it entails.

So, what do you mean by organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton produced and certified in accordance with natural agricultural standards. Its creation ensures the well-being of soils, biological systems, and individuals by utilizing natural resources and allowing the crops to be cultivated by adaptation to local conditions rather than forcing growth by using artificial elements like pesticides and other harmful substances, which are bound to leave their trace on the finished product.

Why Organic?

The need for a more natural way to cultivate cotton occurred when it was found that according to the Pesticide Action Network UK, “cotton crops cover 2.4% of the world’s cultivated land but use 6% of the world’s pesticides, more than any other single major crop.”

Research shows that the increased amount of exposure to agricultural chemicals or even close proximity to them has led to a higher occurrence of serious diseases and development disorders.


The solution; Organic methods of cotton farming. Hence Organic Cotton.

The largest producer of organic cotton today is India at 51%. India is also one of oldest contributors to organic cotton production. It has had the highest number of GOTS certified facilities since 2009.

In order to maintain certain industry standards for ensuring the cultivation process as organic, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification lays out stringent regulations for all activities; from seed sowing to the finished product. Some of these provisions include:

  • Ban of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • Ban of hazardous chemicals such as azo dyes and formaldehyde
  • Ban on Child Labor
  • Certain Social compliance management systems
  • Environmental provisions
  • Regulation of post-harvest processing (including weaving, spinning, dyeing and manufacturing of apparel and home textiles made with organic fiber.
In short, GOTS certification ensures the consumer is getting “Organic” from start to finish.

From our Artisans in India:

Our GOTS Certified Artisan company is also Fair Trade accredited. These certifications ensure the cotton used to craft your little one’s blankets and swaddles is completely free from any harmful substances such as chemicals and pesticides. This in turn safeguards the working environment for our skilled makers as well.

Here are a range of choices in Organic Cotton to choose from for your Little ones;

Organic Cotton Baby Blankets:

Being a Mom myself, I know the importance of an extra-soft, cozy and cuddling blanket. The blanket your baby uses, not only provides a cover when they sleep, but also is a source of soothing themselves when irritable. They look for that comfort, safety and calmness their familiar blanket provides. With our chemical-free organic cotton blankets, mothers can also be worry-free! All our blankets are bordered by cotton-silk hemming to ensure no loose ends, and proves to be a definite hand-me-down. The packaging of our blankets allow them to be gift-ready for baby showers and expecting mothers.

Organic Cotton Processing

Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle for Newborns:

Muslin cloth has been long used for babies due to its extra-soft, light-weight and breathable nature.

Swaddling your baby has its benefits:

  • It helps to calm babies and promotes sleep
  • It eventually becomes a core part of setting a regular sleeping pattern
  • By 2-4 months, babies may learn to roll. Swaddling makes it difficult for them to roll, hence keeping them safe and secure.
  • It helps babies refrain from scratching themselves (something I learned the hard way!)

Crafted in certified organic cotton and dyed using chemical-free organic dyes, our swaddles certainly provide the comfort that your little one is draped in only what Mother Nature has intended. These luxurious swaddles have been designed and colored in light soothing colors to ensure your baby gets their crucial peaceful sleep. All our swaddles have an extra, super-soft lining on the inside, to make sure they will last through your little one’s initial essential years.

Other Ways to use your Baby Blanket/Swaddle:

  • A sun shade for a stroller and car seat
  • A perfect play mat for Tummy-time
  • A nursing cloth
  • A burp cloth
  • A changing-table cover
Whatever you use it for, we hope your blanket/swaddle is loved by you and your little one!!

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