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5 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Buy Handmade Leather Products

Do you love handmade leather products? The answer would be “Yes” as most of us seek out products that are durable and long lasting.

Leather handmade products are strong, durable and never go out of trend. In addition, it is luxurious, which is another reason why many people want to purchase handmade leather products. When you hold a leather product, there is a sense of strength and durability, which gives you a feeling of permanence.

Have you ever questioned why so many rich people exclusively purchase leather products crafted by hand? Every stitch is done with perfection, and craftsmanship is seen in every inch of the product.

Because handmade leather products have the best quality and are guaranteed to last for a very long time, they are the best investment. For this reason, well-known luxury brands continue to use handmade leather in their product lines.

Let’s check out 5 remarkable reasons why you should buy handmade leather products in this article.

Before we delve into details, we first question ourselves as to which handmade leather products to buy? And How can we differentiate between good quality leather and not-so-great quality leather?

Difference Between Handmade Leather Products and Machine-made Leather Products

Handmade leather products like handmade leather accessories, shoes, jackets and other leather products have stronger and more durable stitching because two locking stitches running along the opposite side of handmade leather produce stronger, more enduring stitching. The thread thus travels through the leather from both sides.

On machine-sewn leather products, when a thread breaks in a machine-sewn material, the entire side would come apart from that side of the leather material. Therefore, handmade leather products not only offer the durability you require but also have better stitching than leather produced by machinery.

Nevertheless, quality is one thing that sets handcrafted leather apart from machine-made leather. Genuine leather of the finest quality is almost always used to create handcrafted bags. Machine-made leather items and bags typically use synthetic materials and are much less expensive.

5 Remarkable Reasons Why You Should Buy Handmade Leather Products

1. Durability:

With the right maintenance, leather is a durable material that lasts for a considerable duration of time. It is ideal for manufacturing footwear, belts, wallets, and purses because it doesn’t fade or tear easily.  As leather ages, it becomes softer and more flexible. Additionally, handmade leather products are simple to clean and preserve.

Because leather gets stronger with time, it has been cherished for ages. Even some individuals claim that leather products are passed down from one generation to the next. It has a long shelf life similar to a fine vintage wine.

2. Fashionable or Stylish:

Leather consistently offers you a complete classy look. A leather bag or jacket is a sign of social prestige. The correct attire and accessories would naturally complement its color and elegance.

People frequently choose to purchase some leather to add to their fashion collections in a world where appearance and style are quite important. Leather grabs attention. Leather is still a popular material in clothing, people tend to buy online handmade leather products whether it is a leather skirt for women or winter leather jackets for men because of its panache that never fades.

3. Handmade Leather Products Hold their Value:

Because leather products are so marketable, demand for them is always high. They are popular among customers and have a high resale value. Leather is luxurious and fashionable, which is why women like to stock their closets with a wide variety of leather shoes and bags.

Italian made leather products have been time-honored due to the very perfection of their craftsmanship. World famous for their artistic excellence, Italian artisans are renowned and acclaimed by some of the top brands we have today.

Beyond brands, in general, owning an authentic Italian leather bag, shoes, or any other accessory holds value and will continue to do so for years to come.

4. For All Occasions:

Handmade leather products are versatile and are not limited to any particular occasion, fad or passing trend. Italian leather handbags, clutches, shoes and accessories will never go out of style.

All year long, leather handbags, purses, clutches etc. remain in style and accentuate your wardrobe in many ways; be it to make a statement or just a subtle add-on to your gorgeous outfit. Leather’s unique characteristic of being able to take on any color, shape or form makes it an immensely important part of today’s fashion industry. No matter the occasion or time of year, using it in your apparel and accessories will definitely get you a second look! The popularity of leather has an impact on your own  personality and can give you a boost in confidence!

5. Unique:

Each handmade leather product has its own identity because it tells a unique story from the raw materials to the finished product.

As they age, handcrafted leather products also continue to acquire new attributes. This includes a patina, which is a shine or darkening that leather gradually acquires as it is exposed to and ingests particles from its environment and users over time. This implies that they will continue to develop even after the artisan who crafted them has completed his master piece. Customers or users get a great, custom leather sensation as a result.

How One Should Clean and Maintain the Leather Products? 

Here, are a few steps you can follow to clean and maintain the leather products:

  • First, clean the leather product with a dry cloth to remove any dust.
  • Next, use a moist cloth and lukewarm water to gently clean the product’s surface.
  • To get rid of dirt and stains, use liquid soap.
  • In the end, let it dry.
  • Every three to six months, use a specialized leather conditioner to keep the leather soft.
  • Don’t wash leather in a machine.
  • Avoid getting leather wet whenever you can
  • Avoid using a hairdryer on dry leather.
  • Avoid tumble-drying leather.
  • Avoid ironing leather.
  • Never immerse in water to clean.

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Important Tips for Selecting Authentic Leather Products

Here are the few best tips for selecting authentic leather products:

  • Examine the texture – Real leather will be soft to touch, with a certain thickness. There will be a grainy feel but with a certain smoothness. Real leather is flexible and elastic. Faux leather is not. Real leather will have a certain warmness to it, whereas Faux leather will be cold.
  • Inspect the pores – animal leather is a porous material and will not be 100% waterproof.
  • Pay attention to stitching – good quality leather will also have quality stitching to match.
  • Smell it – Real leather has a woody, sweet and/or floral smell. Fake leather does not.
  • Check the label – The shape of an animal skin is commonly used as a symbol for leather products and for leather-related businesses. It is often used as an ornamental element in product labels. Furthermore, manufacturers of leather products use the words “genuine leather” written commonly inside handbags to point out that the product satisfies the requirements for the genuine leather label and does not consist of other materials.


Now, that you have read noteworthy reasons why you should buy handmade leather products as well as a few other important tips for selecting and cleaning handmade leather products. You must now be wondering, where to shop for genuine and handmade leather products for this Holiday Season? If yes, check out Work of Artisans , an online retail store with genuine artisan-made leather handbags, crossbody bags, clutches and wallets!

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