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5 Best Ways to Clean Leather Bags

The fact about leather products is, we all adore them. We are always tempted to purchase handmade leather wallets, bags, purses or a pair of leather shoes when we see them online or in a store. Leather products are elegant and long-lasting. However, if you take good care of them, they last long.  Designer leather handbags that you own are likely to get discolored, and we know that cleaning them could be a challenge for you. But don’t worry. We’ll discuss how to clean your leather bag in this article.

Before diving into details, note a few things:

  • Identify the type of leather used to make your bag. Nubuck and suede require different cleaning techniques than regular leather.
  • Use a store-bought cleaner or create your own with warm water and mild dish soap. Always perform a tiny spot test with your cleaner.
  • Before treating stains and drying them with a clean cloth, wipe your bag with the cleaner on the inside and the outside. To dry your leather bag, avoid using a hairdryer or other artificial heat sources.
  • Regularly apply a leather conditioner or protection to help keep it safe. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, which can result in cracking, fading, and discoloration.

If you invested in a leather bag, you’ll want to take care of it properly so that it lasts for years to come. But what if you don’t know how? With our expert advice, discover how to properly clean a leather bag at home.

What Can I Use to Clean Leather Bags or Any Leather Products?

As we discussed above, a lot will depend on the sort of leather products you have. There are some general rules to follow whatever type of leather you have. Use just these things to clean your leather, unless differently advised based on the type of leather:

A Dry Cloth: Dusting or cleaning leather with a dry cloth regularly is advisable.  It will be able to breathe normally and exhibit itself in the greatest possible way.

Water & Mild Soap: To give your women’s leather crossbody bags or leather products a deeper clean, use saddle soap if you can. If you can’t find it, however, you can substitute it with water and mild, unscented hand soap or dish soap. The soapy mixture can then be used to dampen a washcloth to gently erase stains.

Lotions & Moisturizers for leather: If a leather wallet for men or any other leather product is not properly cared for, it will eventually dry out and break. Lotions & moisturizers help to remove dirt or stains from the material and also act as a barrier of protection. Make sure to apply the moisturizer in a circular motion using a soft brush, sponge, or microfiber cloth.

What I Can’t Use to Clean a Leather Bag or Any Leather Products?

Since leather is such a fragile material, many of the household products we typically use to keep things clean might actually hurt it. When cleaning your leather, be sure to keep these things away from it:

White vinegar, cream of tartar, baking soda, and lemon juice: These ordinary household items are recommended as a do-it-yourself leather cleaning solution by certain online sources. This is untrue because they can be very harsh on the fabric and increase stains.

Nail polish remover: This mixture is much too harsh on leather while being hailed as another “DIY leather cleaning.” The acetone and alcohol in nail paint remover can completely bleach off the color of leather, leaving a patch that looks bleached out.

Window cleaner: There are rumors making the rounds on some blogs and forums that claim leather can be cleaned with window cleaner. We do not advise doing it. Even though it is only a mild cleaning, the leather’s color and protective top coat can nevertheless be removed by alcohol.

Incorrect leather polishing: Know which products to use on which types of leather. There are polishes made expressly for particular types of leather and others that are suited for all leathers. If you don’t choose the correct kind of leather polish, you can damage your leather or reduce its lifespan.

Hair Spray: Another urban legend circulated online claims that hairspray can remove stains from leather. This is unquestionably a bad idea that will have the exact opposite effect.

Dispensable cleaners: Pre-wet sponges and disinfectant wipes are also not the best tools for cleaning leather. They frequently contain alcohol, which harms the color and finish of the leather.

Best Practices When Cleaning Leather Bags or Any Other Leather Products

For leather to maintain its best appearance over time, regular maintenance and cleaning are required. When cleaning your leather, there are a few standard cleaning techniques to maintain the condition of your leather, follow the below steps carefully:

As soon as a stain appears, treat it: With a soft cloth, remove liquid stains as soon as you can. To get rid of as much moisture as possible, gently dab the area. Now dab the area with a delicate towel after dipping it in warm water. To help remove the discoloration at this time, you can use leather cleaning or a mind-diluted soap. Just be careful not to rub the area; instead, dab it to prevent spreading the stain and causing a bigger stain.

Regularly moisturize leather: Find out what type of leather you have, then purchase the appropriate moisturizer. To soften the leather and remove small scratches, apply it with a cloth.

Keep in mind leather will change over time: As time passes, this material is intended to get increasingly worn. When nurtured carefully, it will develop a deep coating that can enhance the attractiveness of leather products. Don’t be afraid of the alterations leather makes as it ages.

Give it to the professionals if your leather products are getting worse: Some damage and stains are better when handed over to professionals. A leather professional can restore the material’s colors and textures by applying heat and using specialized equipment designed for the process.

Additional Steps for Cleaning Leather Bags

Apply a leather moisturizer before wrapping: A high-quality leather moisturizer can be used to finish your cleaning job. After removing the stains with a cloth, be sure to moisturize the leather in the affected area.

With this leather moisturizer, you can thoroughly clean your entire bag. Your bag will stay soft and shiny. Apply a small amount of moisturizer to the bag and gently rub it in a circular motion with a soft cloth. Body or hand lotion should not be used in place of moisturizer as that can reduce the quality of your leather.

Apply a Dry Cloth to Wipe Off Extra Moisturizer: Your bag will be a little bit sticky after being cleaned with a moisturizer. Use a dry cloth to gently wipe down your leather purse to eliminate any excess moisturizer. Verify the fabric’s cleanliness and softness. Be cautious when choosing the sort of cloth, you use to clean your bag because using abrasive, brittle fabric can harm the texture of your bag.

We understand your enthusiasm for your Italian leather backpack or any other leather bag and your desire to preserve its quality for as long as possible. No matter how carefully we handle them, spills and stains eventually find their way onto our bags. Don’t get worried in such circumstances. Keep calm and take advantage of the information we’ve provided in this blog post.

Whatever cleaning technique you choose, make sure to use high-quality cleaning products and to always be kind and patient with the leather products.

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